This technology is a Russian development and is protected by patent and trademark. The idea of the system is to form the frame-forming elements of wall panels, set to a width of L, sheathed with sheet material as a non-removable formwork and filled with light concrete.

Thus, the thickness of the walls of the building is formed, which meets the requirements of thermal conductivity and energy efficiency in any region of construction, depending on the type of light concrete.

ЛИРР- строительство домов и производство домокмплектов

The undeniable advantage is the manageability and flexibility of the system, depending on the required requirements.

Only we have the exclusive right to manufacture and build on this technology. The software, in addition to calculating the loads on the frames, also provides a complete analysis of the structural elements. This is a very important point, since in the case of passing the project expertise, this analysis is necessary.

Production of metal profiles

ЛИРР - строитеьство и производство домов

The production of metal profiles is carried out on a fully automated CNC profile production line (Australia): The multi-profile machine produces 90 mm profiles for wall panels, roof trusses and floor trusses. CNC roll forming equipment produces the frame piece by piece.

The machine receives information about the length of the element, the shape, the cutouts and crimps available in it, the attachment points, as well as the proper marking, from the files developed during the design. In accordance with this information, the machine automatically makes the frame elements from the steel belt, completely ready for assembly. The permissible deviation for the manufactured elements is only 0.5 mm.

The design and production of prefabricated steel structures on machines with NCS is supported by a unique engineering analysis software.

The design and production of steel prefabricated structures on machines with NCS are combined with a common software. The software is used to calculate wind, snow, and seismic loads. Based on the results of the calculations, a three-dimensional model of the steel frame and detailed working drawings for assembly are developed. Each element is signed by the machine according to the assembly drawing.

The machine automatically punches holes in the wall for fasteners, the assembly resembles a constructor.

Production of polystyrene

The production of polystyrene is carried out on a semi-automatic line, with guaranteed properties of the material, for further use in the manufacture of polystyrene concrete.

Цели и задачи

Our goals are to offer an optimal construction solution, thereby creating competition for alternative solutions in construction technology, associated with the use of environmentally non-safe building materials, used to maximize the cost of construction, at the expense of health and safety. As well as optimize logistics costs.


from the implementation of ready-made house kits, to the construction of turnkey facilities, depending on the client's wishes.

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