The company " LIRR"

Our company was founded in 2012 and provides services for the production and construction of prefabricated houses in Russia.

Our team consists of real professionals in their field. You can see examples of our work in the section Our works. And in the section Projects choose the best solution for you.

All materials are produced on modern high-precision equipment of the latest generation (Australia). The human factor in the manufacturing process is excluded, which guarantees the perfect geometry of the house kit. Also, our company has its own line for the production of expanded polystyrene, which is used in the manufacture of polystyrene concrete.

Our company is ready to fulfill your order regardless of the delivery region. The cost of delivery will be absolutely free for you.

Why choose us

An experienced company in the construction industry.

Our company has been present in the construction services market since 2012.

Exclusive right.

Only we have the exclusive right to manufacture and build using the double frame technology (MSCS).

Accurate calculations.

All calculations are made on licensed software that calculates wind, snow loads, and earthquake resistance, depending on the regions of the Russian Federation.

We work under the contract.

We conclude official contracts and provide a full package of documents.


We provide legal protection of your interests.

Transparent working scheme.

You know what you are paying for - no hidden costs, except for those that are recorded in the estimate.


We provide a guarantee of up to 50 years with the condition of strict control of the progress of construction work.


Free consultation and cost estimation.

And this is just not the full part of our advantages. One of our important advantages is the high quality of work at affordable prices. This is achieved thanks to the double wall system MSCS construction technology, which is protected by a Patent.

Counterfeit construction of buildings using this method is prohibited and is prosecuted by law. We are the official partner of the authors of the construction technology of the double wall system MSCS, and therefore we guarantee the quality of our services.

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